This is a short publication that covers material that exits in more detail in Breakthrough, in a more readable style, and designed for quick absorption. It is only available as a Kindle publication.

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: The Nature of the Kingdom: First Implications

Chapter 2: Entering the Kingdom

Chapter 3: “Already … Not Yet” People

Chapter 4: Healing and Suffering

Chapter 5: World transformation
The church and the kingdom
The kingdom and the world
World-transforming texts
World-denying texts
The millennium

Chapter 6: The Kingdom: The Big Picture
The big picture in Luke-Acts
The kingdom is about personal forgiveness through the cross
The kingdom is about signs and wonders and the power of the Holy Spirit
The kingdom is about social justice and ministry to the poor
The kingdom is about a period of time in the past or future
Communicating the big picture

Chapter 7: Kingdom Apologetics
Historical theology
The kingdom paradigm
Primary sources
Sources of its decline
Historical origins
Its decline
Historical origins
Points of contact

Chapter 8: The Messianic Banquet