Table Of Contents

Foreword By Steve Nicholson


Why Plant New Churches?

Church Planting Models

The Church Planters Profile

Demographic Research: Target Area


The Ingredients Of A New Church

Natural Process And Perception

The Discipleship Phase

Overview Of The Building Process

The Building Process

Pastoring A Growing Church

Effective Evangelism Today

John Wimber’s passion for church planting either contributed to or lies at the historical genesis of the priority given to it in Vineyard and other movements he has influenced. Through the entire course of his ministry, he modeled, inspired and taught it. This is his original teaching on the subject, written up into a text from his audio teaching.

The specialist skills and vast experience he brought to the subject as a member of the Fuller School of World Missions provides us with a benchmark, or default document. Fundamentals are laid out here. All our leaders should imbibe this essential beginning, and especially those considering church planting.

Derek Morphew, ghost writer

Church planting and Kingdom theology have been at the heart of the Vineyard movement since its inception. Now, twenty years later, the Vineyard is raising a new generation of churches. In this course John shares his vision for expanding the Kingdom through planting new churches. He gives biblical, theological and practical reasons for planting new churches. He draws on his rich experience of raising up new leaders and planting new churches to envision a new generation of church planters.

Original text introducing Wimber’s audio teaching series

Wimber’s list of different models of church planting and his description of what a church planter should look like is still pure gold. Thirty-five years of experience have only confirmed his wisdom on these points.

Steve Nicholson, Senior Pastor, The Evanston Vineyard, Illinois

Here are some of the topics Wimber deals with.

  • Why plant new churches?
  • Church planting models?
  • The church planter’s profile
  • Demographic research: the target area
  • The ingredients of a new church
  • The discipleship phase
  • The building process
  • Pastoring a growing church
  • Effective evangelism today