The Trilogy

The Trilogy

My publications cohere around a core of three works, with various supportive publications that develop it further into different biblical books and areas of ministry. The three are, in the recommended order for a prospective reader,

  1. Breakthrough, Discovering the Kingdom (Fifth Edition),
  2. Demonstrating the Kingdom and
  3. The Kingdom Reformation.

The first edition of Breakthrough was published in 1991. It has grown and evolved over the years. It is a biblical theology of the kingdom of God, designed to explain Jesus’ mission and message through Old Testament expectation and New Testament fulfillment, primarily in the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke).

Demonstrating the Kingdom is a practical theology that most obviously mirrors Wimber’s formative contribution. It also incorporates significant content from well-recognized public ministries in this tradition.

The Kingdom Reformation is a mixture of Jesus Research and biblical theology. It is the most academic of the three, due to the complex nature of Jesus Research. It explains how kingdom theology is a recent, post Second World War development and why it represents a fresh departure in theological formulation. The fresh departure is radical enough to cause those who are convinced by it to review the entire previous history of theology, including confessional orthodoxy and the Reformation (while not abandoning either).

The supportive literature uses kingdom theology as a hermeneutical key to take a fresh look at:

  • The theology of Luke-Acts in The Mission of the Kingdom,
  • The theology of Mark in The Authority of the Kingdom,
  • The theology of Matthew in The Future King is Here,
  • The book of Hebrews in The Prophet’s Voice: Hebrews – Prophecy, Rhetoric, Interpretation,
  • Gender equality in Different but Equal, Going Beyond the Egalitarian-Complementarian Debate, and
  • Issues of biblical justice in Kingdom Theology and Human Rights.

Various other existing publications explore kingdom theology further and other works in the pipeline will seek to take the project yet further.