What is the kingdom of God? Has the kingdom come? How can we enter it?

Jesus came preaching and demonstrating the kingdom of God. This was his primary mission and message. This book explores the big picture of the kingdom of God in both Old and New Testaments. Read against the background of Old Testament expectation, it becomes clear that Jesus introduced a totally fresh departure, which can be described as the inbreaking of the powers of the future age into the present. This understanding of the kingdom provides the best framework for his life, death, resurrection and ascension, signs and wonders, healing, revivals, mission and evangelism, and the Christian life.


This is the best, most easily understood book we have ever read on the kingdom of God.

Happy and Dianne Leman
Midwest Regional Overseers, Vineyard USA

The clearest and most helpful of biblical expositions of the kingdom of God I have read. A must if you want to understand the gospel, and how Jesus wants us to proclaim it.

Bruce Collins
New-Wine International Networks

This is a book that manages to be simple without becoming simplistic and succeeds in making theology a practical compass for living. It’s a central part of my annual reading list!

Gary Best
Founding leader, Vineyard churches Canada

The fifth edition of Breakthrough is a significantly reworked and expanded version of this foundational book. The extra material on the expectation of God’s coming Kingdom in the Hebrew Testament and the new chapters on Cessationism, Dispensationalism and Restorationism is of great value for the individual follower of Jesus, let alone Christian leaders and the contemporary church. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of this book, the first in a series of three volumes on God’s Kingdom and Jesus’ worldview. Once you’ve read it you will certainly want to read the other two: Demonstrating the Kingdom and The Kingdom Reformation.

Alexander Venter
Pastor/Author/International Conference Speaker

Table Of Contents




Part One: The Old Testament Revelation Of The Kingdom 
The Exodus
Kingdom, Covenant And Creation
The Davidic Monarchy
Promises Of The Kingdom

Part Two: The New Testament Coming Of The Kingdom
Fulfilment Of The Promises
The Mystery Of The Kingdom
The Centrality Of Christ
The Implications Of The Kingdom
Bringing In The Kingdom
Acts Of Intervention

Part Three: The Teaching Of The Kingdom
The Parables Of The Kingdom
Kingdom Lifestyle
The Messianic Banquet

Part Four: The Outworking Of The Kingdom
The Kingdom And The Church
The Kingdom And The Christian Life
The Millennium
A Final Perspective

Appendix I: Breaking Bread
Appendix Ii: The Promise Of The Kingdom In Isaiah
Appendix Iii: Israel And Palestine
Appendix Iv: The Vineyard Statement Of Faith