My first two works were published by Struik Christian Books in Cape Town, namely South Africa: The Powers Behind (1989) and Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom (1991). Thereafter my works have been published by Vineyard International Publishing.

They are listed here beginning with the core trilogy, and then the John Wimber legacy trio, and then categorized by year of publication. All these works are available on or by order in South Africa. The ISBN numbers on Amazon differ from those in South Africa, with differing global copyrights, but the text is the same. If “order” appears in the RSA column, then it is available as a hardcopy in South Africa. Select “order” to generate the ordering process. To go to the Amazon page, select the book title.


The Trilogy
Date Paperback Kindle RSA
The Kingdom Reformation: Rediscover Jesus, Review Everything 2020 Order
Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom, 5th Edition 2019 Order
Demonstrating the Kingdom: Tools for Christian Discipleship 2019 Order
The John Wimber Legacy Trio
John Wimber’s Teaching on the Gift and Gifts of the Holy Spirit 2020
John Wimber’s Pastoral Letters 2020
John Wimber’s Teaching on Church Planting 2020 Order
Listed by date of publication
Biblical Interpretation 101 2nd Edition: Historic Rules for Reading the Bible 2020
The Prophet’s Voice: Hebrews: Prophecy, Rhetoric, Interpretation 2017 Order
Kingdom Theology and Human Rights 2015 Order
The Future King is Here: The Theology of Matthew 2011 Order
The Mission of the Kingdom: The Theology of Luke-Acts 2011 Order
The Spiritual Spider Web: A Study in Ancient and Contemporary Gnosticism 2011
Law and Grace: Conscience and License 2011
South Africa and The Powers Behind 2011
The Phenomena of the Kingdom 2011
Five Frontiers to Freedom, by Jeffery Morphew & Derek Morphew 2011
The Implications of the Kingdom 2010
Different but Equal: Going Beyond the Egalitarian/Complementarian Debate 2008 Order