Demonstrating the Kingdom is a practical theology of the kingdom of God. It forms part of a core of three publications around which various other subsidiary publications cohere, to form a larger project.

It follows a logical sequence. It begins with the mission and message of Jesus and his commission to his disciples to announce and demonstrate the kingdom as he did. It then explores Christian identity, the empowering of the Spirit, and the charismatic gifts of the Spirit, after which it gives focus to healing and prophetic gifts that work together to enable power evangelism. Concluding chapters deal with deliverance from evil powers and how we invite the Holy Spirit in our community services.


It is very evident that Derek’s depth and breadth of study on this subject is substantial, and his ability to distil the complex into the accessible is beautifully captured in these pages. Deeply biblical and immensely practical, this book contains insights which have the potential to transform our understanding of what it means to be an empowered disciple, and to equip us in living that out.

John Wright
National Director, the Association of Vineyard Churches, UK & Ireland

Derek Morphew’s new book Demonstrating the Kingdom is a must read for pastors, leaders, church planters, and any believer who is wanting to cultivate a kingdom orthodoxy and a kingdom orthopraxy. Thank you, Derek, for continuing to remind us all to keep pushing into the kingdom, holding on to what was so preciously given for us to steward as a movement, and pressing in for more revelation and understanding of kingdom theology that stirs us to renew our minds, impassion our hearts, and empower our hands to demonstrate the kingdom as a lifestyle.

Brian Blount
Senior pastor of Crestwood Vineyard Church
Speaker, Equipper, and Author of Putting Jesus on Display with Love and Power 

Table Of Contents



The Kingdom of God

Christian Identity

Empowered by the Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit

Prophetic Ministry



Power Evangelism

Leading Ministry Times

APPENDIX 1: The “Powers”

APPENDIX 2: George Fox’s Journal